Splattered Toad is the concept wine produced by Cape Point Vineyards. The purpose of the brand is not only to sell wine and maintain a market presence, but also to create much-needed awareness around the vulnerability of the Western Cape Leopard Toad as an endangered species. Thus, the majority of profits from this concept wine are allocated to research funding.

With the above in mind, the client presented us with a brief to relook the dated label and reposition it within the mind of the consumer. Through research and in order to bring awareness to this species under threat, we decided on the concept of "personification" or simply adding a bit more character to the species. The result was a detailed caricature illustration of the toad on a motorcycle to symbolise their biggest threat - being driven over by cars as they try to cross national highways.  On the front of the label is this illustration with the brand name in bold letters and colours that are representative of the different varietals.