Solace is a Syrah produced by Iona. A wine that stands alone, Solace is a pioneer in the world of wine. The location of the vineyard, the biodynamic approach to grape-growing and its French influence has set this wine a tier above the rest.


Rather than look to France, we recommended a concept that represents the start of something new in Elgin, South Africa; which links back to the farming process, the importance of the soil, slopes and sun.


We generated the name Solace, and our final label design indicates the origin of the wine by featuring the geographical contour lines of Elgin, with a tiny black dot to pinpoint the location of the farm, Brocha. The teardrop shape of the dot and the neck label pays homage to the memorial site of Brocha’s original owner. Dressed in a classic, time-honoured design, Solace combines the modern and the traditional, both visually and in the production process.