Stiaan Cloete, a respected Cape Town winemaker turned Namibian brewmaster, entrusted the brand development entirely to our team. Other than the name of the company, Skeleton Coast Breweries, we created the entire positioning, all concepts, names, logos, packaging and promotional designs for the brand. 


This opportunity resulted in a compelling brand story packaged to offer the consumer an experience rich in character. The gritty, almost dark but truly authentic and entertaining nature of the designs, names and copy offers a substantial point of difference.


We created a logo that would position the company and its product brands as handmade, soulful and filled with non-conformist character and uncompromising attitude – true to the name, the maker and the origin.


Thereafter, the logo design featuring a hand created font and recognisable symbolism expressed the core of the message. Skeletal in place, we created a “badge” to house the logo. The designs were turned into badges and rubber stamps, and brown paper did the rest.