Saboteurs are pioneers who forge ahead with insight, wisdom and vision, challenging the status quo and questioning convention; driven by their knowledge and their belief in a better way.


The team behind this wine range are unabashed Luddites who apply a technology-resistant philosophy to their winemaking methods, yet as master craftsmen, they produce superior quality wines. This brand salutes the art of mastering a craft and pays homage to the uncompromising and rebellious spirit represented by the original “Saboteurs”.


The design concept was to create a label that represented the art of craftsmanship in every way; it needed to be real, grounded, filled with integrity and completely unpretentious. We proposed a screen-printing technique that delivers rough, yet beautiful results. Coupled with bold, grunge-inspired typography and layout, the label embodies the spirit of bashing down “walls” to change perceptions of how good quality wine should be represented. It is finished with a neck tag and rustic wrap - the latter posing as both a wine wrap and a poster, to be plastered onto any surface in true Saboteur style.