Updated: Nov 5, 2018

"A good picture must be a completely individual expression which intrigues the viewer and forces him to think." - Alexey Brodovitch.

In 1976, Graphic Designer Milton Glaser found himself in the back of a taxi cab with nothing but a red crayon and a scrap of paper when inspiration hit. In this very setting, the now world-renowned "I heart NY" logo was designed. This little scribble was developed and commissioned into a grand campaign that Glaser expected would only last a couple of months. Today, this brand is a globally recognised icon that saved a city from bankruptcy. The brand held purpose and a differentiated design that made it brilliant.

Coincidentally my recent journey to New York has confirmed my unwavering belief that brands flourish when they're led by individuals who fight against short-sightedness at all costs, for a short-term focus is a sure brand killer.

My Whitespace Creative team are guided by a methodology that has derived long-term results for over two decades. It emulates the thinking applied in both legal and financial disciplines. It is results-driven, integrates business and branding goals and offers clear directives.

Left-brain strategic problem-solvers provide clarity to right-brain creatives on the relationship between business objectives, marketing strategy and the creative result. Without this dualistic partnership, success is rarely achieved. And this is what we do at Whitespace Creative - we grow future brands on the belief that image should equate substance. In this way, we believe that our best work is only done when the thinking is done first and the work is done later.

We urge our clients to become brand architects, which enable teams to design a permanent structure to bridge brand strategy and brand messaging. A strong brand foundation built on a well-defined plan and differentiated creative is the only way to get from a current positioning to a desired future brand that delivers clear and intentional results.

We grow future brands.

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