One Man Band is a brand extension of Iona Wines in the form of a Red Vineyard Blends range. This range is inspired by and gains its name from a sculpture by local artist Bruce Arnott. This three-dimensional sculpture is an abstract interpretation of a literal one-man band.


Much like the idea of a one-man band, this wine range blends many different and individual parts in creating something original. In the same way that there is only one “man” behind this type of band, there is only one farm behind these blends.


We were tasked with interpreting this three-dimensional sculpture into a two-dimensional design without losing the tangibility and visual nature of a three-dimensional piece of art as well as, maintaining the link to the original sculpture and the idea of a one-man band in the mind of the consumer. We were able to achieve this through a high-build label design and a logo that represents instruments often found in a one-man band.