Pen & Parchment

The stationery set, aptly named Pen & Parchment, is a personalised gift created to celebrate the textile experience that comes along with using pen and paper – one that has so easily been replaced with digital substitutes.


Every item in the box was personally branded and individually wrapped - keeping with a sophisticated black, white and beige theme, reminiscent of a French aesthetic.


A specially designed monogram was created and used as a logo throughout, to brand the contents- everything from chocolates to notebooks, cotton paper, pens, envelopes and twine.


A Tasteful Experience

The coffee theme was carried throughout including items such as Espresso pods, almond biscotti, sugar cubes and individually wrapped chocolates intended to accompany each cup of coffee enjoyed.


The style is clean, simple and modern using only black and white- a reflection of the personal style and taste of the recipient as well as an apt choice to represent coffee and chocolate.


We created a personalised monogram and used it to brand all elements, each specially wrapped and named, to create a unique and personal experience.