As an established brand, Woolworths is positioned at the higher end of the market and stocks only the best, premium quality goods. Woolworths approached us to refine and redesign the labels for their Longmarket Wines range. This range is made up of eleven unique varietal blends produced and stocked exclusively by Woolworths.


The layout and design of Woolworths’ existing product ranges are always kept consistent and clean to reflect their modern and premium approach to quality and production. Layouts are often interesting and visually appealing; this was, however, not the case for their Longmarket Labels - hence, their brief to redesign.


The process of conceptualisation resulted in three strong concepts and creative directions. The client was undecided, so our studio combined the suitable elements into one. We used colour palettes specific to each varietal to help the packaging stand out on the shelf. Modern, clean type was used to keep the look-and-feel consistent with the Woolworths brand as a whole, yet bold enough to attract the targeted audience.