As a family-owned wine business located in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Ernst Gouws & Co produce a range that celebrates the intricate ties between family, collaboration and tradition.


We were tasked with updating and refining their existing logo, along with their wine label and brand collateral. We set out to establish a contemporary look-and-feel while maintaining their core values, namely: producing premium quality, being ethically responsible and environmentally conscious, and collaborating as one family unit - the business has been in the family for four generations.


It was essential for every creative execution to contain the concept of family and focus on premium. The logo updates were done to improve the brand’s character and values. Therefore, we the typeface was relooked. The masculine style of the type remained and was adjusted to become more elegant and modernised, but not trendy.


Along with the label, we redesigned their website to create a user-friendly, yet elegant and modern looking site. It ties in visually with the new label and explains the Gouws family story while remaining modern in design.