CLIENT  |  e4


e4, previously known as Law Holdings, is a technology company offering leading, trusted electronic solutions and services. Their customised services and products are a result of their strategic approach to understanding their clients’ business requirements and long-term objectives.


The roll-out was executed according to the brand’s specific requirements. The challenge was to create a new, precision-positioned name and identity for the company and its product set, services and app offerings.


What followed was an extensive rebranding exercise incorporating a multi-tiered launch to all stakeholders. The company’s name changed to e4. The name reflects the company’s strategic approach as “e4” is a trusted opening chess move - a manoeuvre that secures a strategic advantage and a strong competitive positioning, allowing the player to establish control in the game. 


The new brand represented a strategic positioning that found its way through the extensive roll-out to collateral, internal, external and media campaigns, a website, below the line and above the line applications, packaging and corporate gifts.