This distillery brand is centred on three ideas: a shared passion for crafting, a love for country and a quest for freedom of expression in respect of both taste and production. De Vry Distillery is centred around three core ideas - passion, freedom and country; each is deep-rooted within the brand and is significant to the brothers. 


The individual spirits combine traditional English, Polish, Dutch and even Russian spirit distilling processes with a new generation of local culture and humour, merging the differences of origin with South African culture. De Vry Distillery offers a refreshing take on the spirits industry - not mainstream but authentic, engaging, inclusive and most of all, unexpected.


De Vry produces two gin varieties, a vodka and a rum. Each spirit was given a name that carries a combination of heritage and culture, with a dash of irony. Their tongue in cheek approach is counterbalanced by using design elements typical of traditional spirits logos. Old world traditions with a breath of fresh African design.