Sijnn, Wine of Malgas, approached us for a label update. Their two varietals had labels that referenced the composition of their terroir. Strategically, we were not convinced that this was a big enough differentiator for their brand.


We wanted to convey the relationship between a dramatic soil profile and intense, expressive fruit, with more than just beauty at the centre. Photography and sketches were used to create an art-inspired label depicting bush vines and the winery, designed by the owner. A vast sky serves as the whitespace supporting the logo and varietal type.


Different colour capsules distinguish the red and white blends. As a final tribute to the owners’ respect for their terroir, bottles are wrapped in tissue paper bearing a greyscale photograph of the soil profile.


Our packaging choices – from wrap to labels and capsules – communicate the experience and location of the farm, starting with their terroir and zooming out to a view of the bush vines and winery.