Founded and run by two friends of over thirty years, Primal Spirits Distillery are a local premium distillery brand. They aim to do things the right way, or not at all; and with a focus on a grain to glass method, they do what many others don’t - they develop their own neutral spirit before turning it into, for now, a Gin, but in the coming months a Vodka as well.


With a name inspired by the true authentic nature of the natural, Primal Spirits Distillery proudly produce flavourful spirits - each paying homage to its key ingredient and their origins.


As such, we were tasked with creating a label that accentuates this, as opposed to distracting from it. And the result? A set of elegant, clean and predominantly white labels. Each features a unique ink mark or brushstroke that represents the spirit, its process and flavour. The repetition of curves seen on the Union Gin label mimics the shape of an orange peel. This links back to its key ingredient, Rex Union Oranges. The intricate nature of the production of their Gin is visually shown through the eighteen ink marks that also represent the number of botanicals used to flavour the Complex Gin.  


A copper foil features consistently across the Gin labels to create unity and tie it all together. The selective use of finishing contrasts with the raw, textured paper and ultimately, reflects the quality and sophistication of each bottle’s content.