As a provider of Data Translation Services, Grasp facilitates the comprehension of data for the end-consumer, be they internal or external to the client. This is across and within a multitude of industries that have data to communicate. This is done through a range of products, the first of which is Retail Investments, which process an input of complex data to result in a report in simple, written language.


Once the strategy was finalised, we generated and registered the name Grasp. The concept behind the name is that this service allows the end-consumer to comprehend their data fully and what is being communicated to them through this type of report. As this is a translation tool, the pay-off line we crafted is “Data, in your language.” We believe that this effectively communicates the brand’s core message.

The result is a fresh, clean, unfettered identity reflecting the tone and simplicity of the concept and its offering. The identity resulted in the roll-out to collateral and an online presence.

We thank Lionel and his team for collaborating with Whitespace Creative in this exciting venture.