Goldsmith is a single oak barrel-aged limited release Rum with a honey-gold colour and an unmistakable taste. Moulded from molasses in the same way that an artisan crafts beauty from the seemingly insignificant, this Rum is indeed something else.

The team at Stillman Distillery are exceedingly proud of this one, and they approached Whitespace Creative with this, the first of three briefs we’ve completed to date, they knew that it needed something special.

Opting for rich black labels with copper-gold foil elements not only compliments the colour of the liquid but also contrasts the branding of competitors in this retail category.

Overall, the result consists of three labels, and each bears its own significance. Since this bottle presented quite the challenge in the regard of labelling, a neck label to house all the necessary information seemed like the most appropriate fit, as it would not detract from the uniqueness of the product itself.