Dusk Shiraz Gin is the first in a range of wine Gin to be introduced to the market by Stillman Distillery. An unusual combination of Shiraz skins, use of French and American oak from winemaking and the traditions of Gin distilling came together to produce this weighty result.

The unconventional nature of this product led our team to investigate the differences and similarities regarding process and taste between Wine and Gin throughout the concept generation process. The name Dusk refers to the deeper and darker red of the Shiraz, while alluding to the infusion of the day into night, wine into Gin and the countless possibilities presented in time where an ending meets a new beginning.

The typography of the word “Dusk” follows an unexpected bold serif look that is common practice in wine branding. The embossed rays surround the foiled retiring sun in a subtle way that reinforces the sophisticated nature of this Gin.