Nestled in the heart of the Banghoek Valley, Oldenburg Vineyards is an off-the-beaten-track, family-run wine farm.

This wine label is understated and bears contemporary visuals, yet it is cheeky in its tone. Named “CL”, this range became inspired by a play on the farm’s location in the Stellenbosch region, as well as the word “cooler” as being in the Banghoek Valley at a higher elevation, the property experiences cooler temperatures than those of Stellenbosch. This creates a distinct advantage in the production of quality grapes.

Symbols “<” and “°” was used to read as “less than Stellenbosch temperature” or “Cooler than Stellenbosch”. A sleek, scientific look was applied to the logo, and a mathematical equation used for the back label’s copy describes the relationship between the climate and the wine.