The Broers Brew beer journey all began with a beer making kit, which was gifted to the two brothers, by their mother. Little did they know, this present would transcend into a fully operational brewery in the quaint town of Rawsonville.

“Do me a solid!” lends itself to a colloquial and sincere way of asking your friend for a favour. It is genuine and wastes no time in getting the message across.

The concept behind the name develops through the packaging, a gift-like tag around the neck of the bottle as if it were addressed to you. It is personal. The type-driven logo is the centre-piece of the label that spirals around the body of the bottle as if it were packaging a gift.

A monochromatic colour-scheme creates intrigue. It is only once the bottle is held closely, that you’ll be able to interpret and appreciate these more intricate details.

Without getting too sentimental, this beer pays homage to the gift of giving. This beer is inclusive - it’s for the lovers and the likers, the females and the fighters. Go on, do yourself a favour.