Flatrock Brewery, named after the devoted, Table Mountain, brews traditionally as they recognise that “crafting beer” is nothing new. As such, they have stuck to what has been done for years - “Reinheitsgebat” otherwise known as the “Purity Law” – a German method of making beer which restricts itself to four ingredients; hops, barley, water and later, yeast. Adopting this method means that there is no room for anything to spoil the quintessential nuances of these barley pops.

The concept was inspired by combining the notion of old and new. The screen-printed logo intentionally resembles Table Mountain, in that it is bold and well, flat! The serif typeface adds structure to the overall design while remaining minimal and traditional, just like the brewing process and its ingredients. Each SKU emanates its offering through its label and use of timeless colouring; Navy Blue, British Racing Green, Carnelian Red & Medallion Yellow. It’s the perfect marriage of traditional technique and timeless design.