Along with repositioning the estate as a brand, we presented the idea of updating the label of Hazendal’s entry-level wine range. Through research, we decided that this brand extension should draw inspiration from the history and mystery of Hazendal’s origins. This wine would embody the spirit of Christoffel Hazenwinkel – the man responsible for converting the estate into a wine farm.


We built a physical, life-size character representation of Christoffel Hazenwinkel. Presented as a humanimal – a man with hare-like characteristics, complete with period-specific attire. We were inspired by the direct translation of Hazendal – “valley of the hare”.


The final labels contain images of the Christoffel Hazenwinkel character striking different poses to reflect each wine’s attributes and convey elements of his persona. The foiled logo on the label is an exact replica of the owner’s signature on the original deed of sale from 1699.