A new generation of Beaumonts is now leading the family wine business lead by Sebastian and Nici Beaumont. The branding needed to pay homage to the past, yet reflect a new era that looked to the future with confidence.


Chosen as an authentic reference to the original Beaumont family crest, the ring was photographed, enlarged and redrawn. From this point on, the crest became the focus of the positioning and design as it symbolised the family, their history and their purpose. The typography was simplified and modernised to link the old with the new.


The brand needed to tell the compelling story of the Beaumont family in an engaging and appropriate manner. We believe the new aesthetic is more reflective of the reality, with branding that is classic and humble yet elegant, and stylistically balanced just like the wines.

VAT Number | 4340238692 CC | Registered Number | 2004/050608/23

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