A Mari Ocean Gin is a local gin brand aptly named after its inspiration and the main ingredient used in the distilling process, Atlantic seawater. From the heights of Table Mountain to the depths of the Atlantic, A Mari Ocean Gin makes use of ingredients unique to the Cape Peninsula.


Desiring a visual aesthetic that holds true to their concept and brand identity, A Mari Ocean Gin wants to fill the consumers with intrigue whilst maintaining a positive positioning in their competitive market.


The graphic elements of line and shape were carefully considered in producing a suitable logo, product look & feel, and packaging that reflects the raw sophistication of this brand as well as paying homage to its truly unique origin.


For instance, the die-cut of the label reflects the inspiration drawn from the ocean and embodies the oscillation of waves. The combination of colour - deep blue and copper, represents the way elements of both the land and the sea are brought together in the contemporary yet timeless design of A Mari Ocean Gin.