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The Garajeest: Bruce and Jim

The Garajeest is a wine brand that struts to the beat of its own drum. The Garajeest inspired a creative execution centred on the concept of ‘lyrics
and legends’.


The Garajeest: Cobain

The Garajeest is a wine brand that struts to the beat of its own drum. The Garajeest inspired a creative execution centred on the concept of ‘lyrics
and legends’.


Stillman Distillery: GOLDSMITH

​​Goldsmith is a single oak barrel-aged limited release Rum with a honey-gold colour and an unmistakable taste. Opting for rich black labels with copper-gold foil elements not only compliments the colour of the liquid but also contrasts the branding of competitors in this retail category.


DUSK - Shiraz Gin

Dusk Shiraz Gin is the first in a range of wine Gin to be introduced to the market by Stillman Distillery. The name Dusk refers to the deeper and darker red of the Shiraz, while alluding to the infusion of the day into night, wine into Gin and the countless possibilities presented in time where an ending meets a new beginning.


Stillman Distillery: Graphite Gin

Stillman Distillery: Graphite Gin

Dark and mysterious, Graphite Gin speaks to the nature of discovering hidden treasures of the earth. We reflected on the carbon chain – its presence in truffles and graphite, and the lux link to diamonds – as well as the roles that extraction, distillation and infusion play in the production of this Gin.


Oldenburg Wines

A sleek, scientific look was applied to the logo, and a mathematical equation used for the back label’s copy describes the relationship between the climate and the wine.



Cinci means “a little bit of”. This brand name is perfectly suited for the little bottle of wine it adorns. "Cinci is a way of life. It is "a little bit of” everything good, upbeat and pleasurable. Cinci's brand brings people together and turns life into laughter. Be it fun, happiness, love or just being present in a moment of bliss. It is for her, for him, for both, for all."


The Garajeest

The Garajeest is a wine brand that struts to the beat of its own drum. The Garajeest inspired a creative execution centred on the concept of ‘lyrics and legends’.


Social Link

Contemporary and bold branding for social media marketing company; Social Link.



This brand salutes the art of mastering a craft and pays homage to the uncompromising and rebellious spirit represented by the original “Saboteurs”.


e4 is a technology company offering leading, trusted electronic solutions and services. The challenge was to create a new, precision-positioned name and identity for the company and its product set, services and app offerings. The new brand represented a strategic positioning that found its way through the extensive roll-out to collateral, internal, external and media campaigns, a website, below the line and above the line applications, packaging and corporate gifts.



Dressed in a classic, time-honoured design, Solace combines the modern and the traditional, both visually and in the production process.


The Good Chair

Bold and modern type-focused branding for Marketing and Branding platform; The Good Chair.


Beaumont Family Wines

The brand needed to tell the compelling story of the Beaumont family in an engaging and appropriate manner. We believe the new aesthetic is more reflective of the reality, with branding that is classic and humble yet elegant, and stylistically balanced just like the wines.

thumbnail_image001 (1).png

The Kin

The Kin is an extension of Beaumont Family Wines in the form of a wine club. Based on the core values of the mother brand, we generated the name The Kin – a fitting name as it carries the essence of family, and the traditions often associated with a wine estate. We designed a logo that reflects the heart behind the venture by using a humble, yet intriguing brush script.

Stiint is a global web-based app that creates connections between contractors and companies within the offshore, seafaring and renewable energy industries. We designed a clean, type-based corporate identity inspired by ship branding, that lends itself effectively to digital, mobile and print applications. 


De Vry Distillery

De Vry produces two gin varieties, a vodka and a rum. Each spirit was given a name that carries a combination of heritage and culture, with a dash of irony. Their tongue in cheek approach is counterbalanced by using design elements typical of traditional spirits logos.



As a provider of Data Translation Services, Grasp facilitates the comprehension of data for the end-consumer, be they internal or external to the client. The concept behind the name is that this service allows the end-consumer to comprehend their data fully and what is being communicated to them through this type of report. The result is a fresh, clean, unfettered identity reflecting the tone and simplicity of the concept and its offering. The identity resulted in the roll-out to collateral and an online presence.



Stacked Diner is an all-day American-style diner that embraces the principle that customers should have the option of ‘stacking up’ their burger toppings at no extra cost. We created a brand identity and overall look-and-feel to reflect this concept.

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